A Place of Hope and Empowerment

The Healthy Teen Project is an Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization program for adolescents who struggle with eating disorders.

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The Healthy Teen Project aspires to help teens accept themselves and acknowledge their eating disorders while discovering new healthy ways of coping. Through hope and empowerment, we inspire teens to value themselves and their health as they confront future challenges.
At The Healthy Teen Project we aim to provide a warm, safe, supportive environment for our clients to grow and heal.

Our philosophy is fourfold:

1. Every client is a unique individual who comes with his or her own unique strengths and challenges.

a. We meet each client where they are and create an individualized plan to meet their unique needs.

b. Adolescents have many needs that are different from adults. We have created a unique program that caters to the needs of adolescents.

c. We empower our clients to be their own unique people and to let their individuality shine.

2. The family is a crucial component in an adolescent’s eating disorder treatment and recovery.

a. Parents can be the best support for their child.

b. Parents of teens with eating disorders have been thrown into a new world that they are often struggling to navigate. We provide them with the support, encouragement and education that they need to navigate this new world.

c. Our clients’ eating disorders significantly affect their siblings. We aim to provide support for siblings as well.

3. We do not work in isolation.

a. We are part of a treatment community. Many of our clients have a strong support network outside of the program. We make it a priority to connect with this support network in order to make the transition into and out of the program as seamless as possible.

b. We do not just communicate with outside providers upon admission and discharge. We keep in close touch with the client’s home treatment team (pediatrician, therapist, dietitian, psychiatrist) throughout the client’s time at The Healthy Teen Project.

c. We coordinate with the client’s school to help them keep up with necessary work while they are in program and to help ease the transition back to school.

d. If a client is a competitive athlete and wishes to have their coach involved, we work with with their coach to develop a plan for them to reintegrate into their sport.

e. If a client does not have a treatment team when they admit to us, we will help them develop a strong outpatient treatment team while they are here. That way they can smoothly transition into outpatient care once they no longer need the extra support of our program.

4. Prevention.

a. Eating disorder prevention is crucial. The hope is that over time there will be less and less need for programs such as ours.

b. We work closely with schools and community agencies to provide education and implement prevention programs.